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Sulbit County
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Sulbit County is located 20km west of Yeongwol County Office and is bordered by Hwangdun of Wonju, Jecheon, Pyeongchan-gun and Hoengseong-gun. It is a low mountainous region and a typical mountain village and the Jucheon-myeon Office is located here.
Surrounding the town are mountains such as the Baekdeoksan and Songhaksan, while the Jucheongang (Riv.) flows in the front of the town and the Seogang (Riv.) flows in the back composing beautiful scenery. With the recent influx of tourists to the Uihochongbi, Bingheoru, Beobheungsa, Rest Park, The Statue of Hurrah for Geumma-ri Independence, etc the local economy around the downtown area has become very active.


Log Rafting

Log Rafting on the Water!
Visitors can enjoy the fun of log rafting on the cool waters of Jucheongang (Riv.) at Sulbit County. There are also activities for fun in the water, fishing, making wooden insects, natural dying, and making frames, bookmarks and souvenirs using dried flowers.


Hoya Geography Tracking

Know geography to know the world!
Yeongwol Geogrpahy Tracking program connected to the various topographies in the Yeongwol area, which is frequently on college entrance exams and school tests, was developed customized to middle and high school students. It also provides practical and fun hands-on education for geography and earth science.


Fossil Excavation

Visitors can see fossils from the Paleozoic Era and Mesozoic Era discovered in Yeongwol at the Fossil Museum. It contains fossils for different eras starting from that of 4 billion years ago making it the best place of education for children


Natural Dye

Make a one-and-only Handkerchief yourself!!
By tying a rubber band using dyes made from natural ingredients, you can make an unpredictable, yet pretty patterned handkerchief



Codonopsis Spirit Apple Tomato


Village Tour

Beobheungsa (Temple) Yoseonjeong Arbor Kim Jong-gil’s Home


Brushwood Bridge Lotus Flower Park