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Samgut Village
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Samgut Village houses a village shrine that was erected about 350 years ago and is a village that practices filial piety. It is a mountain village that observes old traditions and during Lunar New Year, the community gathers to respectfully give their New Year’s greetings to the town elders. It provides an opportunity for city people to experience the life of rural mountain life and in order to attract tourists, at the end of September of each year, a “Pine Mushroom Picking and Sam-Gut Festival” is held. Also, this village will find and preserve traditional cultures in the future and develop the city further through experiences on farm life and reproduction of ‘Sam-Gut’


Sam-Gut Traditional Wedding

Visitors can experience the traditional beauties at Samgut Village and prepared traditional weddings in order to widely distribute the values unique to traditional life and culture passed down to us by our ancestors. Our traditional weddings are joyful and though may seem unfamiliar, it offers interesting sights and experiences.


Pine Mushroom Picking

The beautiful Samgut Village has for a long time concentrated on growing and promoting the efficacy of pine mushrooms. Pine mushrooms are well known to be good for cancer, stomach problems, backaches, high blood pressure, postpartum pain, colitis and for killing pain.



Soybean paste, Hot pepper paste Corn Angelica, Milk vetch


Village Tour

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