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Donggangae Rafting Village
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Munsan-ri, which is surrounded by Mother Nature, still maintains the features of a typical country town that reminds us of our childhood memories. Located just 2~3 hours from Seoul, it is perfect for a 1 day tour course and visitors can enjoy the fresh air and unpolluted natural scenery, while other more adventurous visitors can challenge rafting.



Donggang Rafting has the best scenery among rafting courses such as Eorayeon and Dwenggori. In addition, there are diverse difficulty levels making it the optimal course for all rafters, men or women, to enjoy. It is the best leisure sport to enjoy both thrill and freshness without needing high skill levels.
-A Course: Musan Ferry ~ Geowoon-ri Seobse Riverside (App. 3 hours)
-B Course: Jintan Ferry ~ Geowoon-ri Seobse Riverside (App. 4 hours)
-C Course: Jungseon-gun Goseong-ri ~ Geowoon-ri Seobse Riverside (App. 7 hours)


Insect Ecology Experience

Geographically, the Yeongwol area is the borderline for the southern and northern insect species, making it a rich insect ecology environment where various insects live. Furthermore, it is famous as an outdoor classroom where students can see and learn the various insect samples.
In addition, there are rare species that can be seen only at the Donggang River Basin, which provide manyscenes and sights to visitors at the nation’s first insectariums.
- Hours: Summer 10:00~18:00
          Winter: 10:00~17:00
Closed on Monday and Tuesday



Environment-friendly Grapes Environment-friendly Wild Grapevines


Village Tour

Eorayeon Insect Ecology Gallery Byeolmaro Observatory