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Donggang Trekking

Trekking is the way to most deeply appreciate the substance of “eorayeon” which is the greatest mystery of Donggang. .

The Donggang Trekking to explore ecosystems with variety of vegetation by wandering about the stony field or surrounding hills and mountain trails as well as seeing the Donggang curving around like a snake are valuable experiences that one have only at Yeongwol County.

What is Trekking?

It is a form of leisure sports for enjoying contemplation, appreciating the great nature and learning about the history or origin of that region by waking along the mountain, river or field comfortably and freely carrying a light backpack. In case of our country, there was a custom and spirit of classical scholars and elite youth corps of Silla training body and mind as well as refreshing oneself by walking along the mountain and field. While trying to bring back such custom and spirit for modern times, they got to apply the leisure sports called trekking of foreign country.

The Goryeon style trekking is being developed as theme trekking of visiting noted mountains or places with a lot of history and remains for the most part in contrast to the adventurous trekking of the foreign country while people of all ages and both sexes trying to extend various enjoyment and insight can participate easily without burden.