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Cheongjeong Engraving Museum
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Danjong Historical Museum
  • Cheongjeon Engraving Museum

About 4,000 pieces of engraving works by Mr. Seo Yongcheol of Cheongjeon recorded in the Goryeon Guinness Book as the greatest number of engravings within shortest period of time are exhibited at the greatest engraving museum in the country.

After going through the incidents of patience and endurance by filling the spirits of engraving art with Cheongjeon Engraving Gallery of Incheon and Cheongjeon Art Museum of Hoengseong, Gangwon Province, we have set our position in Yeongwol County with a title of third Cheongjeon engraving museum. The works being exhibited are 2.3 million characters of 75 books in the Bible (39 books of Old Testament and 27 books of New Testament) engraved after being devoted in rocks for 12 hours or more during six year and engravings of 5440 characters with 1207 sections of Diamond Sutra attempted for the third time in the country. We are trying to inform the beauty of engraving which is filled with soul of life and height of oriental art through Cheongjeon Engraving Museum and furthermore, spread the cultural asset value of engraving art also in other countries.

What is Engraving???

Engraving is a traditional art of appreciating the imprint shown by engraving characters on stone, wood, ivory, gold pen or bamboo root using a knife and applying seal ink to be printed on paper. As the engraving of ancient style Chinese characters, the one produced for artistic purposes other than the engraving for practical purposes is called ‘engraving’.

Writing ancient style Chinese character is the traditional trend handed down from ancient times giving most beautiful effect at a little space. While writing styles other than ancient Chinese characters are also used, even if angular style or square style is engraved for instance, it is still called engraving of ancient style.

Engraving is a visual art using characters and a character forming art of freely restructuring stroke by stroke, line by line and dot by dot maximizing as the pictorial modeling is maximized.

Naturally, from various shapes to abstract models such as people and objects are expressed in various ways other than characters, it could be considered as reaching the stage of art if the accumulated philosophy of artist is contained here.