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Donggang Photography Museum
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Danjong Historical Museum
  • Donggang Photography Museum

Yeongwol County has announced ‘Donggang Photography Village’ on September 1, 2001 and set its position as the new base for domestic Photography culture through successful opening of ‘Donggang Photography Festival’ in the summer of 2002. Building a Photography museum here at the Yeongwol County, we are trying to establish an infrastructure of culture and tourism connected as Donggang Photography Village-Donggang Photography Festival-Donggang Photography Museum.

  • Tourism : Becomes the attraction for new cultural tourism where beautiful tourist resources and occupied cultural resources form a harmony.
  • Publicity : Forms a basis for growing as a global Photography village by wide publicity that Donggang Photography Village is the Mecca of Photographs representing the country and furthermore, representing the Asia.
  • Learning : Raises the status by connecting with Donggang Photography Festival as the new base of Photography culture.
  • Education : Forming a experience culture that can be felt by staying in Yeongwol County by building cultural tour belt and infrastructure connecting tragic history of King Danjong-Kimsatgat the Poet-Mystery of Donggang-Nature of Yeongwol County-Photography Museum.

The Record... Dominates the Memory. Photography is an important tool of communication for understanding the world as the witness recording history. Yeongwol County has the proud nature and cultural assets that cannot be compared with any other place in the world. It makes the new tradition of being able to embrace the world into the arms of Donggang through the power of Photography.