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Danjong Historical Museum
  • Danjong Historical Museum
  • Danjong Historical Museum is the one built to restore the forgotten and distorted history of Danjong preserving and exhibiting the historical records of Danjong systematically.
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Nango Kimsatgat Cultural Museum
  • Nango Kimsatgat Cultural Museum
  • The research materials of Kimsatgat by Mr. Park, Youngkook who has devoted his life chasing after the life and footsteps of Nango Kimbyungyeon are exhibited while showing various materials related to Kimsatgat
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Donggang Photography Museum
  • Donggang Photography Museum
  • Yeongwol County has announced ‘Donggang Photography Village’ on September 1, 2001 and set its position as the new base for domestic Photography culture through successful opening of ‘Donggang Photography Festival’ in the summer of 2002.
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International Modern Art Museum
  • International Modern Art Museum
  • About 160 sculptures from 70 countries such as France and Italy are permanently established and exhibited to receive visitors while the entire process until the artwork is created can be seen at a glance
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Muksan Art Museum
  • Muksan Art Museum
  • The museum is being used as a place to rest and appreciate artworks for tourists visiting Kimsatgat valley while being the place for artwork activity of traditional Goryeon painters resembling the taste of Kimsatgat.
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Yeongwol Insect Museum
  • Yeongwol Insect Museum
  • Provides many things to see for tourists as the rare species that can be seen only at the Donggang basin are included and its usage as a theme tourist attraction is anticipated.
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Joseon Folk Painting Museum
  • Joseon Folk Painting Museum
  • The museum was planned in order to awaken the general public and folk painting lovers with the importance of traditional values by collecting, preserving and exhibiting folk paintings centered on Joseon dynasty.
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Hoya Museum of Geography
  • Hoya Museum of Geography
  • Hoya Museum of Geography is the first private museum of geographical theme in the country established by Mr. Yang Jaeryong who has devoted lifetime in geography education using all of his private funds
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Cheongjeon Engraving Museum
  • Cheongjeon Engraving Museum
  • About 4,000 pieces of engraving works by Mr. Seo Yongcheol of Cheongjeon recorded in the Goryeon Guinness Book as the greatest number of engravings within shortest period of time are exhibited.
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Hoann Museum of Tea Ware
  • Hoann Museum of Tea Ware
  • The trend of various tea culture in Goryeo and China at the civilized history from about 3,000 years ago until 100 years ago is collected to be seen at this place.
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