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Yeongwol county is located at the southernmost part of Gangwon Province forming a border with 2 provinces, 4 cities and 5 counties. This place shows a continental climate marked by wide range of temperature between hottest and coldest periods of the year as an inland region between the mountains where Taebaek Mountain Range, Charyeong Mountain Range and Sobaek Mountain range are stretching out while the annual precipitation is 1,100m with 3/4 concentrated between June and August


  • Location of Yeongwol County
  • Far East: Cheonpyong Village of Sangdong Town(east longitude 128 o 55')
  • Far West: Dusan Village of Suju Township(east longitude 128 o 6')
  • Far South: Nae Village of Hadong Township (north latitude 37 o 2')
  • Far North: Beopheung Village of Suju Township (north latitude 37 o 24')
  • Altitude : 180-1,460m above sea level
  • Climate of Yeongwol County
  • Temperature : Annual average of 11, Highest 33,3, Lowest -19.3
  • Total Annual Precipitation : 1,241.7mm