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  • Flag of Yeongwol
flag Yellow color of crown stands for kindness and purity of county citizens of Yeongwol; blue stands for honest poverty and loyalty; and pink stands for progressive spirit based on kindness loyalty and cultural developments in modern way. Pure nature was represented with blue oval standing for clear water, and green oval standing for pine tree.


  • The emblem of the slogan
flag The emblem of the slogan "Young World Yeongwol" represents the pictorial image of fresh and bright Yeongwol which is actually a young world where the nature-given greenness is alive, and entails the climax of the beauty which comes from the harmony of sun, clouds, and east and west rivers of Yeongwol. The mixture of dynamic colors from verdant mountains, emerald rivers, azure sky, and red sun represents the natural gift of Yeongwol and, at the same time, symbolizes the richness of the place with various cultural assets, tourism resources, and live experiences.


  • Bird of Yeongwol : Black Woodpecker (Dryocopus martius)
flag A natural product easily found around Kim Satgat falls, Gajaegol and Beopheungsa of Donggang area ㆍIts all over black body stands for humble and modest county citizens ㆍRed colored head stands for enthusiasm and fighting spirit ㆍStands for modesty and spirit of county citizens of Yeongwol and Yeongwol county.


  • Tree of Yeongwol : Pine Tree (Pinus densiflora)

There are many groups of pine trees in Yeongwol. Gwaneumsong, Solgogae pine tree, Jangneung forest and such have outstanding feature that is good enough to represent the county. Pine tree's evergreen stands for integrity, patience, fidelity, and will.

  • Evergreen expresses strong will of county citizens, and its firm appearance symbolizes spirit and loyalty of county citizens
  • Represents the image of banishment place of Danjong, and matches with county flag.
  • Distributed much in Yeongwol area. Its history is as long as the history of Danjong and, its common yet immutable feature represents the history of Yeongwol.


  • Flower of Yeongwol : Royal Azalea (Rhododenron schlippenbachii)

It's a spring flower with strong hold of life and propagation that represents warmness and magnificence. It's easily found in the county.

  • Green leaf and flower stands for pure mind of county citizens
  • Symbolizes progressive mind and potential energy of county citizens
  • It tell that spring has come. Represents bright society and harmony of county.


  • Animal of Yeongwol : Flying Squirrel (Pteromys volans aluco)

#328 natural product. Its parachute enables it to move fast. Flying squirrel is familiar and friendly

  • Darami, the mascot of gun, is a flying squirrel
  • Represents mysterious natural environment
  • Its diligence and strong propagation power show diligence and prosperity of county citizens.