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county office
natural enviroment
population and households
Time Period Main History
Baekje (234~286) Baekwol
Goguryeo(300~331) Naesaeng-Hyun
Silla(757) Naeseong-Gun
Goryeo (1167) Yeongwol-Hyun
Goryeo (1372) Yeongwol-Gun
Joseon(1699) Yeongwol-Dohobu
Joseon(1895) Chungju-Bu Yeongwol county
Joseon(1896) Reverted to Province of Gangwon.
Joseon(1905) Juchon-Hyeon which is under the Wonju assigned to Yeongwol county
1931.3.1 Yangbyun township was divided into Juchon township and Suju township
1937.7.1 The name of Gunnae township was changed to Yeongwol township
1960.1.1 Yeongwol township was promoted in status Yeongwol town (1 town, 7 township)
1963.1.1 Deokgu village and Chunpyung village of Bonghwa county Chunyang township ㆍwere assigned to Sangdong township, Wolhyeon village, Bugok village and Ganglim village of Suju town were assigned to Hoengseong county
1973.7.1 A part of Cheonpo village in Shindong town, Jeongseon county was admitted. Sangdong township was promoted in status Sangdong town (2 town 6 township)
1986.4.1 Seokhang agency in Nokjeon village of Sangdong town was unified. Established Jungdong township
1998.10.12 2 town, 7 township, 1 agency